The band Wisetime, which was founded by Gustav Mangutsch and Stefan Piccolruaz in the town Badia in 2011 has soon become popular in Val Badia and in the local area. The six members of the band (Gustav "Guz" Mangutsch, Stefan "Tepo" Piccolruaz, Benno Canins, Luca "Ciapo" Erlacher, Peter Verginer "Peato" and Fabian "Föb" Pitscheider) have appeared in some exceptional performances, such as in "Classic+Rock" and in the festival "Badia Music Days". They play rock music and oldies, captivating the audience with their enthusiasm and energy. This year, the Wisetime band has written the hymn "Let us Rock" for the Ski World Cup in Alta Badia. (Let us Rock, tune: Stefan Piccolruaz & Andrea Tasser, lyrics: Gustav Mangutsch.



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